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Hello internet, I’m Rishi!

rishi_masaliaOne of the first things people learn about me is that I’m extremely passionate about water, particularly water conservation and global water scarcity. I grew up in the desert southwest United States where water is not only physically scarce, but water use is flaunted in the form of large fountains, private swimming pools, and pristine golf courses.

Flaunting our water use has become so common place across the developed world that we no longer even question it. meet all of these needs our water must come from somewhere, and that somewhere is running out of supply.


Turns out agriculture accounts for 70% of global water use, which makes sense – water is necessary for plants to grow. As I continued to do plant research I thought, well to facilitate the biggest impacts on water conservation, our should be focused on plants. This thought has taken me far, farther than I predicted. Six years later, I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia studying drought resistance identifying genes that can help breeders develop crop varieties that use water more efficiently.


In addition to research, water, and all things science communication. I also enjoy sour beers, Netflix, and copious amounts of sarcasm.




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