RishiMasalia_Logo Assessing natural Phenotypic & genotypic variation:

Using an association mapping population of cultivated sunflowers, the focus of this chapter was to (1) assess the natural phenotypic variation to osmotic stress at the seedling stage, focusing on root phenotypes. (2) Understand the genetic underpinnings of this phenotypic variation, specifically using a genome-wide association mapping approach.

Seedlings_LowAngleDifferential Expression across Multiple Stresses:

Using a single genotype of cultivated sunflower, the focus of this chapter was to (1) investigate the phenotypic variation across five abiotic stresses (salt, drydown, osmotic, flood, and low nutrient) and a well watered control. (2) Assess differential expression across and between these treatments.


Differential Expression Across Multiple Time points:

The focus of this chapter was to investigate the differential expression response of resistant and susceptible cultivated sunflower genotypes to osmotic stress across multiple time points of the stress.